How to Configure Apache Zeppelin to Securely and Concurrently access the SnappyData Cluster

Multiple users can concurrently access a secure SnappyData cluster by configuring the JDBC interpreter setting in Apache Zeppelin. The JDBC interpreter allows you to create a JDBC connection to a SnappyData cluster.


  • Currently, only the %jdbc interpreter is supported with a secure SnappyData cluster.

  • Each user accessing the secure SnappyData cluster should configure the %jdbc interpreter in Apache Zeppelin as described in this section.

Step 1: Download, Install and Configure SnappyData

  1. Download and install SnappyData Enterprise Edition

  2. Configure the SnappyData cluster with security enabled.

  3. Start the SnappyData cluster.

    • Create a table and load data.

    • Grant the required permissions for the users accessing the table.

      For example:

      snappy> GRANT SELECT ON Table airline TO user2;
      snappy> GRANT INSERT ON Table airline TO user3;
      snappy> GRANT UPDATE ON Table airline TO user4;


    User requiring INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE permissions also require explicit SELECT permission on a table.

  4. Extract the contents of the Zeppelin binary package.

  5. Start the Zeppelin daemon using the command:
    ./bin/ start

Configure the JDBC Interpreter

Log on to Zeppelin from your web browser and configure the JDBC Interpreter.

    Zeppelin web server is started on port 8080
    http://<IP address>:8080/#/

Configure the Interpreter

  1. Log on to Zeppelin from your web browser and select Interpreter from the Settings option.

  2. Edit the existing %jdbc interpreter and configure the interpreter properties. The table lists the properties required for SnappyData:

    Property Value Description
    default.url jdbc:snappydata://localhost:1527/ Specify the JDBC URL for SnappyData cluster in the format jdbc:snappydata://<locator_hostname>:1527
    default.driver io.snappydata.jdbc.ClientDriver Specify the JDBC driver for SnappyData
    default.password user123 The JDBC user password
    default.user user1 The JDBC username
  3. Dependency settings
    Since Zeppelin includes only PostgreSQL driver jar by default, you need to add the Client (JDBC) JAR file path for SnappyData. The SnappyData Client (JDBC) JAR file (snappydata-jdbc-2.11_1.2.0.jar) is available on the release page.
    The SnappyData Client (JDBC) JAR file (snappydata-jdbc_2.11-1.2.0.jar)can also be placed under /interpreter/jdbc before starting Zeppelin instead of providing it in the dependency setting.

  4. If required, edit other properties, and then click Save to apply your changes.

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