CPU Usage

This feature is available only in the Enterprise version of SnappyData.

SnappyData provides host and JVM statistics for examining system load.

An example follows the table.

Type LinuxSystemStats
Name <hostname>
Statistic cpus
Description Number of CPUs on this host.
Type LinuxSystemStats
Name <hostname>
Statistic cpuActive, cpuSystem, cpuUser
Description Percentage of the total available time that has been used in a non-idle state, in system (kernel) code and in user code. This is aggregated across all CPUs.
Type LinuxSystemStats
Name <hostname>
Statistic loadAverage1, loadAverage5, loadAverage15
Description Average number of threads in the run queue or waiting for disk I/O over the last 1, 5, 15 minutes.
Type VMStats
Name vmStats
Statistic processCpuTime
Description CPU time, measured in nanoseconds, used by the process.

Example: CPU Usage by System and User

This VSD chart shows the CPU usage in a fabric server, and breaks it down into system and user. The majority of the time is spent in user code. The first few minutes correspond to loading various tables. The rest is the main workload, during which many clients are executing transactions.