SnappyData Community Edition (Open Source) and Enterprise Edition

SnappyData offers a fully functional core OSS distribution, which is the Community edition, that is Apache 2.0 licensed. The Enterprise edition of the product includes everything that is offered in the OSS version along with additional capabilities that are closed source and only available as part of a licensed subscription. You can download the Enterprise version for evaluation after registering on the SnappyData website.

The capabilities of the Community edition and the additional capabilities of the Enterprise edition are listed in the following table:

Feature Community Enterprise
Mutable Row & Column Store X X
Compatibility with Spark X X
Shared Nothing Persistence and HA X X
REST API for Spark Job Submission X X
Fault Tolerance for Driver X X
Access to the system using JDBC Driver X X
CLI for backup, restore, and export data X X
Spark console extensions X X
System Perf/Behavior statistics X X
Support for transactions in Row tables X X
Support for indexing in Row Tables X X
SQL extensions for stream processing X X
Runtime deployment of packages and jars X X
Synopsis Data Engine for Approximate Querying X
ODBC Driver with High Concurrency X
Off-heap data storage for column tables X
CDC Stream receiver for SQL Server into SnappyData X
GemFire/Apache Geode connector X
Row Level Security X
Use encrypted password instead of clear text password X
Restrict Table, View, Function creation even in user’s own schema X
LDAP security interface X