How to Import Data from Hive Table into SnappyData Table

Option 1

If Hive tables have data stored in Apache Parquet format or Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) format the data can be copied directly into SnappyData tables.

For example,

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE <hive_external_table_name> USING parquet OPTIONS(path path-to-parquet-or-orc)

CREATE TABLE <table_name> USING COLUMN AS (select * from hive_external_table_name)

For more information on creating an external table, refer to CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE.

Option 2

Take the RDD[Row] from Dataset of Hive Table and insert it into column table.

For example,

val ds = spark.table("Hive_Table_Name")
val df = snappy.createDataFrame(ds.rdd, ds.schema)

In above example, 'spark' is of type SparkSession and 'snappy' is of type SnappySession.