How to Stop a SnappyData Cluster

Stopping the Cluster

You can stop the cluster using the ./sbin/ command:

$ ./sbin/
The SnappyData Leader has stopped.
The SnappyData Server has stopped.
The SnappyData Locator has stopped.


Ensure that all write operations on column table have finished execution when you stop a cluster, else it can lead to a partial write.

Stopping Individual Components

Instead of stopping the SnappyData cluster using the script, individual components can be stopped on a system locally using the following commands:


All configuration parameters are provided as command line arguments rather than reading from a configuration file.

$ ./bin/snappy locator stop -dir=/node-a/locator1
$ ./bin/snappy server stop -dir=/node-b/server1
$ ./bin/snappy leader stop -dir=/node-c/lead1